Words in Motion

This is a project I was given in my Graphic Design course, titled “words in motion”. In partners, we got given one poet and one artist as inspiration and content. We recieved Sylvia Plath as our poet and Ben Nicholson as our artist, we chose the poem “Poppies in July”.

This is only half the animation, which is 90 seconds long. Both my partner and I did one half, mine was the first half, and hers the second half. This is the first half, my half. I don’t like what happened to the second half so I wouldn’t post it. Since we both used different programs, which caused huge problems and made the second half look horrifying.

So, heres my half, I did it in Aftereffects CS4. This project forced me to learn Aftereffects, which was a very beneficial thing. I decided not to stick to something I am familiar with like Flash and take the leap and learn a new program. As Aftereffects also leant itself to make this animation more realistic. As Flash often makes things look cartoonish.   

I used: Aftereffects & Photoshop. Photoshop to draw out all the elements, and then Aftereffects to animate it.

Hope you like this animation.




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2 responses to “Words in Motion

  1. Neil

    pretty sweet, i’m always a sucker for the coffee stain effect. how long did this take you to make? i’ve tried dabbling with aftereffects before but couldn’t make head nor tail of it, but tempted to give it another go after this, particularly because of the photoshop intergration. was this based on any particular nicholson piece?
    anyway, nice work! =)

    • chantalstanford

      I actually stained the paper myself, i bought two A2ish sheets of 350 gsm art paper, ripped it soaked it and dripped tea/coffee/paint all over it, and placed objects around to make lines and stuff.
      Aftereffects is a tricky one, very versatile but tricky.
      it wasnt really, itw as mostly his lines, we have a hard time trying to connect him wiht plath in any coherent way. So we did his pencil drawing style, kind of vague i know.

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