Revamped & new project

I’ve revamped the blog, green is the new blue.  I like this cleaner feel to the blog, less melodramatic.

There is also another project I’ve been juggling around my head: to create an affordable student based “take away life drawing” pack. I have found that students often cannot make the life drawing sessions put out for us (on tuesdays – when I have class), or it just doesn’t work the way I want it to. Us graphic design students have this problem, as class is always on a Tuesday, and animation have this same problem.
So I’ve looked into producing packs of 20 photographs of models in either life drawing positions (for traditional life drawing) or action poses (more suited to animation). This could expand to hand & feet packs as well as ‘odd perspective’ photographs. It isn’t quite the same as life drawing but I think it’s definitely an improvement.  It’ll be a minimal fee of £2 per set of 20 photos to practice drawing or actions.

I’ve asked tutors in uni and students, most students seem to think it’s a good idea. Not got a reply from tutors – hopefully they give it the go.

Any thoughts?


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