Talkative Work

On Thursday I attended Sweet Talk 38 at the watershed in Bristol. The speakers included Andy Council, Maria Mochnacz, Gabriel Solomons & Ian Anderson. It was really eye opening to hear these people talk, and find that they are just normal people – with talent. I really enjoyed it and I hope there will be another one while I am in Bristol.

As for work, I’ve finally calmed down in my frantic-headless-chicken-type work style. I’ve spent my morning designing nice title pages for my module file. It isn’t the most important part of my work, but it keeps my mind focused when I don’t feel like embarking on a bigger project. So this is my title page for the project named “now form a band”, which consisted of us recording sounds over the summer and creating a sound piece from it.

Now start a bandNow to start rigorous practice of CSS, XHTML & layouts…


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