Beauley Road

Following on from a University project around Southville, I returned to the location along Beauley Road to hone my research. As the first day I went there I was distracted by rain and teammates and I wasn’t quite sure what I was doing.

My focus was “Visual Pollution” and this second trip I sought out broken things – cracks, missing tiles, broken cars…etc I found a wealth of all this, especially broken side mirrors on cars, as my location consisted of narrow roads with many cars parked on both sides of the road. This is my favourite photograph of the day  – you can’t get more elements of visual pollution than that (unless there was a side mirror lying somewhere in the scene).

Beauley Street

I am also planning to start some sort of record of the many many lists I write. I have always known I write lists to de-clutter my mind, but recently I have noticed myself writing an excessive number of lists. I personally find them interesting because they are supposed to help you get work done and sort things out, but for me I find them piling up to become another problem.

I’ll probably write a list of how I’m going to achieve this new project.


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