In our Professional Practice class we were asked to produce some form of manifesto. I did not fancy making a very rigid manifesto, nor just a list of words that help me generate ideas – because that is a different type of list. I also don’t like phrases that are like “be happy” or “turn a frown upside down”. It’s too broad and annoying to the mind. So my manifesto is kind of short.

Be confident with what you are doing
Defend your choices
Keep going
“Nothing is work unless you’d rather be doing something else” – George Haras

These images above are small designed versions of my manifesto to place into my moleskin, to keep reminding me. I really enjoyed creating these little pages, as it gives me a chance to do what I used to really enjoy doing. Mouldng images together to create interesting textures and images. So these will be printed out and placed into my moleskin at some point.

If anyone would like any of these images for their moleskin, drop me a comment with your email and which you want and I’ll send them over.


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