Design – new look

I have been working hard this weekend with CVs and Manifestos. Through that however, I have realised something about myself and my style. I think I have been trying to shove myself into a preconceived mould of what I would like my work to look like. When I have a completely different style, which I tried to throw away when I came to university. I suppose I felt that since I had been doing that style since I was so young, I felt it was a juvenile type of work and tried to dump it.

Well, here’s something I’ve been working on for quite a while. I’ve taken almost a week and a half to try and perfect it and get the idea right.

At first I wanted to add a gun made up of letters, but it looked strange and out of place. This piece is a response to the radio show Night Waves on BBC Radio 3, which we were assigned to listen to. The things they talked about on this show were very intellectual conversations about the arts. Which was quite honestly, way over my head – and quite boring for me.

It was mostly an overload of information.

Oh and here’s something else I’d like to share that I thought was a pretty fun thing to do. It’s a title page for a project called “100 ways to escape”


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