Custom Shoe

While I have been ‘working’ I managed to spare 2 hours to paint a new pair of blank canvas shoes. I had painted 2 pairs about 2 years ago but they are in pieces (literally) now so I felt it was time to have some more custom shoes.
I was quite stuck with what to paint on the shoe and while looking for inspiration I thought of the Bauhinia of Hong Kong. Then realised that it is quite hard to draw a Bauhinia let alone paint it on a shoe, so I went with cherry blossoms, which also reminds me of Chinese new year. Went a bit japanese and put in the famous wave. Am not quite sure what to put on the rest of the shoe.



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5 responses to “Custom Shoe

    • Chantal Stanford

      No I don’t at the moment, though it seems like a nice idea. If I ever start doing custom shoe commissions I’ll let you know.

  1. You have amazing talent! I am not sure how I found your blog, but I want you to know you are so gifted! If you ever go commercial, let me know!

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