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Baby Spider Infestation

Last night our living room was host to a massive baby spider infestation. It originated from some bricks in an Ikea bag on the floor. You will see in the pictures the web they made in 2-4 hrs, it spanned from the ikea bag on the floor, to the dining table above it; which is about waist height.

It was horrifying and disgusting. They’re all dead now.

I don’t mind most spiders, just the sheer number of them (estimate: close to 200) and the fact that they are tiny and if they got on you, you would never know or see them.


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Plymouth 2010

Jamie and I went down to Plymouth last week to sort through his old stuff, as his mother is moving. He has a ridiculous amount of drawings (some burnt).

An old burnt mac.
From Jamie’s old school introduction kit in year 7. So adorable.
And at the Plymouth coach station – hah!

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Gardening – Spring

Last September when my mother was staying at my place for a long while we managed to plant some things in my garden and greenhouse. Which have finally started to do something.

These are the purple Adium planted just opposite the main flower bed.

Iris next to the flowerbed.

Not entirely sure what this was – I assume it was something planted in the middle of the flowerbed.

Orange Peppers.

I dug up the bulbs we planted in the middle of the flowerbed because I wanted to take them with me to the new house. I also planted some multicolour Sparaxis (which you can see next to it) which are already sprouting – hoping to take it to the new house agian.

And Ive also forgotten what these are, but they are grown outside the greenhouse and have done amazing in the last 2 weeks. They only really broke the surface of the soil 3 weeks ago and have grown hugely.

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Helvetica – Arial

I’ve been having an amusing time (how scary) spotting Arial & Helvetica and seeing if I can spot the differences on the spot.

Go look:

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Christmas time

Been quiet around here lately. No surprised – been away for Christmas for a week or so with family in Salisbury. Was a lovely Christmas and I managed to snap some good photos. I’m pretty happy since my camera has been hibernating for quite a while now.

This last one is my absolute favorite. Just a beautiful photo.

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Music & Stumbling


Today, I was peacefully browsing along. All was well and quiet. Then suddenly some xylophone music starts playing. So now I’m frantically looking through my 20 something tabs to try find the abomination and shut it off. I can’t find anywhere to turn off this music, and I’m not really even sure which page it is as there isn’t any indication anywhere that there is even music… I had to close everything.

Don’t put music that automatically plays on your pages. It’s nothing but annoying & infuriating.

Whatever you do, do NOT put heavy metal music as the page load music.



I stumbled upon: stumble upon (Ba da boom ching).

I had heard of this site before, but a friend directed me to it again today. It is one of the better sites to use up spare time. Not just a time waster, but a useful time waster. You can input your area of interest, then it will take you to sites that relate in some way to that area. Often uncovering gems that you would come across no other way.

Give it a try, it’s quite fun.

>>> Stumble Upon <<<

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Back from Amsterdam

Wow, it’s been forever.

I’m safely back from Amsterdam and currently staying in Plymouth for another 2 weeks. Bored to death here. Bad atmosphere.

collumn copy smallowl copycloselizard copy

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