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Re-thinking Techniques

As I was planning my new list project, as well as several other university projects, I realized that I was being completely unproductive and messy by having so many different lists saying so many different things, and none of them are in the same place. Meaning every time I have to think of what I need to do, to write a new list, I have to start from scratch. That wastes a lot of brainpower.

Things app icon

So what I did was reintroduce GTD to my life. I also jumped on the Things app for Mac, which I promptly used to organize my lists. I was writing a 3 page list when I realized I really needed to figure something out. I suggest you have a look at GTD if you are interested in increasing your productivity and organization..

I also had a bit of frenzy with re-doing some of the icons within my mac. I have so many folders with the plain old folder icon and it just makes it so much easier to have defining icons. Heres a tutorial on how to do it on  Mac OS X. Here are a couple icons that I swapped within my mac.

(click the icons for where I got the icons)

Stuffed IconProfessional practice icon

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Words to live by

I’ve just rearranged my room and it is great. I realized that I had been swimming in my own pit of despair. Feeling a lot better.

It does seem a bit stupid. But I have made myself a few inspirational posters to keep reminding me of things I think are important. One particular quote struck me strong.

“Nothing is work unless you’d rather be doing something else.”

George Halas

And that really gripped me. I always feel so swamped with work and that it is taking over everything I do. This quote reminded me, that I honestly wouldn’t want to be doing anything else. I love design and advertising and everything that goes with it: really really hard work. Nothing else would suit me quite as well.
This module in university has really hammered that into me. While I am researching the industry I am really getting sucked into it, and loving it. I really do enjoy what I am pursuing. Which just makes everything worthwhile and better.

Saying that, I really want to redo the banner up top. Feels so emo at the moment.

Either way, have a look-see at some photos I took on a Helina Panorama Camera (film) for a uni assignment. Was great fun and I am definitely going to explore much more with this camera. Once I get film.

At Fixed Intervals photo
Indication of Illness Photo

Not going beyond Photo

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It’s been a while

Hi there,

It’s been a long long time since I have posted anything on here. It has been a rough summer and the start of the second year at University has not been soft. I am already backlogged and going slightly mad; but nevermind.

I have finally officially picked my avenue in Graphic Design that I want to take: Advertising. I’m not 100% sure why, but I just know I’ll love it. The competitiveness, the psychological side to it… I find it the essence of Graphic Design. A design that I can measure. I am big on Numbers and Stats. Being able to know that a design did something: raise awareness, raise sales/revenue… etc

While going through many interesting and inspiring firms and their work. I came across these two Videos which are pretty amazing. Not much to do with advertising. But fun and interesting none the less.

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Teen Web Language

For some obscure reason, I came across a page on a NBC page that listed the common teen slang on the internet.
It really intrigued me, as I was never into the !33+ talk and rarely typed that way when using IMs. My friends did though. It really annoyed me actually, as I thought it was easier to just type the entire sentence/word. I was a fast typer. 

That is the site there, and it lists all these really obscure abbreviations that I have never even heard of.
AWGTHTGTTA – Are we going to have to go through this again”  Who types that? Ever? I had trouble copying it from the site.
B4UKI – Before you know it” Who says that either?
NALOPKT – not a lot of people know that” That’s just obscure.
I still use simple terms like “BRB” or “IMO (in my opinion)” but all that stuff is really quite ridiculous. Oddly though, it was just so ridiculous that I had an idea to practice some typography techniques or some sort of graphic, with all these weird abbreviations. 
A sarcastic poster or something making fun of this teen language.
Phew I passed through the teen age unharmed and mentally stable. 

I’ll keep you posted on whether I actually do it.


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