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Disconnect Join

These are some of the final spreads from my most recent final project, based on the words “Disconnect” and “Join”. I produced 2 booklets which tell the story of a precious object.

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Gates on Coronation Road.

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Final Weston & Shipping

These are the 2 final pieces for my Weston Super-Mare project (sun, sea, beach and donkey rides) and my Shipping forecast project.

This is to be printed in the center of an A3 thin, sandy coloured paper.

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Shipping forecast Typography

So, after simultaneously juggling 3 ideas at the same time, it has come down to this.
Will be set into squares and rearranged – or tried anyways.

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More pigeon and some Ribbons

These are 2 responses to other photographs and posters from some of my fellow students; our responses have to follow “what happened before this”

This first one is a response to a photograph of lots of ribbon hanging from the ceiling.

And this is my response to an illustration of a pigeon airborne. I couldn’t resist doing another pigeon related piece and a bit of digital painting practice.

Edit 17/03 – Fixed pigeon’s feet.

I have been creating little fabric/decoration hair ornaments lately (due to lack of me owning any) and might post some pictures.

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Busy busy week

Last week was a busy busy week – which included getting sick.

a-la-Thomas Allen. Not sure I like my set of images here – rather flat images.

I also had some physical fun with glass and typography – from my Shipping forecast project.

A lot has happened because I do not remember mentioning the shipping forecast project here yet – which was set 3 weeks ago. Maybe I should post more often. I think I get lazy because I need to resize images 3 times every time I take them. Once for the final print – once for my journal, and another for any web submissions. Lazy me.

Rest of the images are here on my flickr.

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Up in the air

It’s been a while, as usual. I have been working hard on my identity still, while a lot of changes have happened.

We did a large crit the last friday on all our work so far, seeing how we have all progressed and everyone in the class saw each other’s work and commented and such. I WISH we had done this earlier as I received some really important critique about my identity that I had missed. Now the hand in is 2 weeks away and my identity in all truth is a dud now. URgh.

I have progressed however with my acetate letter “d” project, which I mentioned earlier on the blog. I picked the fill I liked the most, and I took all the “d”s and layed them on the wall to put them together to gain some sort of perspective. Where I think this is going is “see the world through a d” several posters put on windows to see the world through a “d”. It should be exciting.

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Design – new look

I have been working hard this weekend with CVs and Manifestos. Through that however, I have realised something about myself and my style. I think I have been trying to shove myself into a preconceived mould of what I would like my work to look like. When I have a completely different style, which I tried to throw away when I came to university. I suppose I felt that since I had been doing that style since I was so young, I felt it was a juvenile type of work and tried to dump it.

Well, here’s something I’ve been working on for quite a while. I’ve taken almost a week and a half to try and perfect it and get the idea right.

At first I wanted to add a gun made up of letters, but it looked strange and out of place. This piece is a response to the radio show Night Waves on BBC Radio 3, which we were assigned to listen to. The things they talked about on this show were very intellectual conversations about the arts. Which was quite honestly, way over my head – and quite boring for me.

It was mostly an overload of information.

Oh and here’s something else I’d like to share that I thought was a pretty fun thing to do. It’s a title page for a project called “100 ways to escape”

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In our Professional Practice class we were asked to produce some form of manifesto. I did not fancy making a very rigid manifesto, nor just a list of words that help me generate ideas – because that is a different type of list. I also don’t like phrases that are like “be happy” or “turn a frown upside down”. It’s too broad and annoying to the mind. So my manifesto is kind of short.

Be confident with what you are doing
Defend your choices
Keep going
“Nothing is work unless you’d rather be doing something else” – George Haras

These images above are small designed versions of my manifesto to place into my moleskin, to keep reminding me. I really enjoyed creating these little pages, as it gives me a chance to do what I used to really enjoy doing. Mouldng images together to create interesting textures and images. So these will be printed out and placed into my moleskin at some point.

If anyone would like any of these images for their moleskin, drop me a comment with your email and which you want and I’ll send them over.

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