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Gardening – Spring

Last September when my mother was staying at my place for a long while we managed to plant some things in my garden and greenhouse. Which have finally started to do something.

These are the purple Adium planted just opposite the main flower bed.

Iris next to the flowerbed.

Not entirely sure what this was – I assume it was something planted in the middle of the flowerbed.

Orange Peppers.

I dug up the bulbs we planted in the middle of the flowerbed because I wanted to take them with me to the new house. I also planted some multicolour Sparaxis (which you can see next to it) which are already sprouting – hoping to take it to the new house agian.

And Ive also forgotten what these are, but they are grown outside the greenhouse and have done amazing in the last 2 weeks. They only really broke the surface of the soil 3 weeks ago and have grown hugely.

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Shipping forecast Typography

So, after simultaneously juggling 3 ideas at the same time, it has come down to this.
Will be set into squares and rearranged – or tried anyways.

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More pigeon and some Ribbons

These are 2 responses to other photographs and posters from some of my fellow students; our responses have to follow “what happened before this”

This first one is a response to a photograph of lots of ribbon hanging from the ceiling.

And this is my response to an illustration of a pigeon airborne. I couldn’t resist doing another pigeon related piece and a bit of digital painting practice.

Edit 17/03 – Fixed pigeon’s feet.

I have been creating little fabric/decoration hair ornaments lately (due to lack of me owning any) and might post some pictures.

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A little personal project that ties into another university project.

I love pigeons. A lot.

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Busy busy week

Last week was a busy busy week – which included getting sick.

a-la-Thomas Allen. Not sure I like my set of images here – rather flat images.

I also had some physical fun with glass and typography – from my Shipping forecast project.

A lot has happened because I do not remember mentioning the shipping forecast project here yet – which was set 3 weeks ago. Maybe I should post more often. I think I get lazy because I need to resize images 3 times every time I take them. Once for the final print – once for my journal, and another for any web submissions. Lazy me.

Rest of the images are here on my flickr.

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But technicolour Pachyderms are really too much for me.

This little drunken moment in Dumbo used to scared the shoes off me. Though currently the tune is addictive.

This was a response of mine to a fellow student’s picture of him on a train. Guess where these luggages are heading.

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