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Final Weston & Shipping

These are the 2 final pieces for my Weston Super-Mare project (sun, sea, beach and donkey rides) and my Shipping forecast project.

This is to be printed in the center of an A3 thin, sandy coloured paper.


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Up in the air

It’s been a while, as usual. I have been working hard on my identity still, while a lot of changes have happened.

We did a large crit the last friday on all our work so far, seeing how we have all progressed and everyone in the class saw each other’s work and commented and such. I WISH we had done this earlier as I received some really important critique about my identity that I had missed. Now the hand in is 2 weeks away and my identity in all truth is a dud now. URgh.

I have progressed however with my acetate letter “d” project, which I mentioned earlier on the blog. I picked the fill I liked the most, and I took all the “d”s and layed them on the wall to put them together to gain some sort of perspective. Where I think this is going is “see the world through a d” several posters put on windows to see the world through a “d”. It should be exciting.

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