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Words to live by

I’ve just rearranged my room and it is great. I realized that I had been swimming in my own pit of despair. Feeling a lot better.

It does seem a bit stupid. But I have made myself a few inspirational posters to keep reminding me of things I think are important. One particular quote struck me strong.

“Nothing is work unless you’d rather be doing something else.”

George Halas

And that really gripped me. I always feel so swamped with work and that it is taking over everything I do. This quote reminded me, that I honestly wouldn’t want to be doing anything else. I love design and advertising and everything that goes with it: really really hard work. Nothing else would suit me quite as well.
This module in university has really hammered that into me. While I am researching the industry I am really getting sucked into it, and loving it. I really do enjoy what I am pursuing. Which just makes everything worthwhile and better.

Saying that, I really want to redo the banner up top. Feels so emo at the moment.

Either way, have a look-see at some photos I took on a Helina Panorama Camera (film) for a uni assignment. Was great fun and I am definitely going to explore much more with this camera. Once I get film.

At Fixed Intervals photo
Indication of Illness Photo

Not going beyond Photo


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Very interesting links


It searches wikipedia, google, google images, youtube, twitter, amazon, sounds, blogs and more. – Super cool. Brought to you by D&AD. You can pull the windows around for the search results you’d most likely look at. ie. if you never look at amazon, you can just pull the window down to the bottom and never look at it again. However, it is there if you ever need it again, its at the bottom.

This is also one of the more amazing ads by Leo Burnett for McDonalds I have seen.

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