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Talkative Work

On Thursday I attended Sweet Talk 38 at the watershed in Bristol. The speakers included Andy Council, Maria Mochnacz, Gabriel Solomons & Ian Anderson. It was really eye opening to hear these people talk, and find that they are just normal people – with talent. I really enjoyed it and I hope there will be another one while I am in Bristol.

As for work, I’ve finally calmed down in my frantic-headless-chicken-type work style. I’ve spent my morning designing nice title pages for my module file. It isn’t the most important part of my work, but it keeps my mind focused when I don’t feel like embarking on a bigger project. So this is my title page for the project named “now form a band”, which consisted of us recording sounds over the summer and creating a sound piece from it.

Now start a bandNow to start rigorous practice of CSS, XHTML & layouts…

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Bunch of Grapes

Maybe I should make a scheduled update every week or something? Adding posts whenever I feel like it seems really unorganized and I’m a bit of an organization freak.

Good new : I just got my grades for my second term of the First year. I got a 2.1 for both modules. It was irritating for me because I was 2 & 4 marks away from a 1st. However, I am very pleased with my grade. My work is being kept back to show some external examiners/people outside of the university because my module file was so well done. See what I mean by I am an organization freak. Nice compliment though. 
We also got given our summer assignments, which consists of research of the current Design industry in a field you are interested in, and writing a positioning letter. Also to create a piece of music which embodies our summer, as well as buying and reading and quoting a book. It sounds very exciting. I’ve already started the industry research. I’m planning to look into the Advertising side of Graphic Design. I’m hugely interested in that side of things. I find it very rewarding, I don’t like working without a goal or a countable reward. I find it difficult to work just for the sake of working or my own pleasure.

Anyways, I’m going to enjoy the summer. Here are a couple photos from a recent gig I went to, a friend was playing. Very nice music!

IMG_8674IMG_8684 IMG_8653IMG_8634IMG_8599


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