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The day before assessment

Well, today is the day just before hand-in. I’m almost finished and it’s only 11:40 am, so I’m not doing bad. My module file is so thick it won’t close at the moment – which makes things a little difficult. I might have to employ some string to tie it up.

Just a photo of 2 of the final booklets I’m handing in. This is a booklet representing my personal struggling with a library book, which had 36 pages ripped out.

This booklet is a graphic representation of a list of 100 ways to escape I wrote a little while ago. It states the location and how to escape from it, with an illustration. In my list of 100 ways, for each location there were 10 possible ways to escape from a certain location, with the 10th leading you to the next location. E.g. You escape from a desert island by building a huge fire to attract a helicopter, which brings you to a prison. Then 10 ways to escape from the prison ensues.

I have also finished my shoe:

It is an absolutely shocking photograph taken in the middle of the night – I will hopefully upload better photographs when I get around to it (after the assessment). For the other shoe – to make up the pair – I plan on doing a ‘calm water’ themed shoe, as this one features waves crashing and violent seas – it seemed appropriate to create an opposite of waterfalls and fish. However I will try and keep it from becoming too traditionally japanese.

I am planning to start selling shoes like this – once I set up several patterns for people to chose from.

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