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More pigeon and some Ribbons

These are 2 responses to other photographs and posters from some of my fellow students; our responses have to follow “what happened before this”

This first one is a response to a photograph of lots of ribbon hanging from the ceiling.

And this is my response to an illustration of a pigeon airborne. I couldn’t resist doing another pigeon related piece and a bit of digital painting practice.

Edit 17/03 – Fixed pigeon’s feet.

I have been creating little fabric/decoration hair ornaments lately (due to lack of me owning any) and might post some pictures.

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Inter-semester Break

As the title suggests it is currently just the beginning of my inter-semester break. I have been deathly lazy and in no mood to do anything creative at all. I have been somewhat active – gardening, cooking, cleaning and going out almost every day for walks. Which is almost unusual for me. I have also gotten sick which is a shame.

I did do a bit of practice with my tablet.reference : http://mjranum-stock.deviantart.com/

I just wanted to practice my digital paining a bit more, blending and colours.

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