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The Letter Playground

Take a look here:


It’s a place where people submit their own design for a letter/s. It’s all really creative and interesting!

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Music & Stumbling


Today, I was peacefully browsing along. All was well and quiet. Then suddenly some xylophone music starts playing. So now I’m frantically looking through my 20 something tabs to try find the abomination and shut it off. I can’t find anywhere to turn off this music, and I’m not really even sure which page it is as there isn’t any indication anywhere that there is even music… I had to close everything.

Don’t put music that automatically plays on your pages. It’s nothing but annoying & infuriating.

Whatever you do, do NOT put heavy metal music as the page load music.



I stumbled upon: stumble upon (Ba da boom ching).

I had heard of this site before, but a friend directed me to it again today. It is one of the better sites to use up spare time. Not just a time waster, but a useful time waster. You can input your area of interest, then it will take you to sites that relate in some way to that area. Often uncovering gems that you would come across no other way.

Give it a try, it’s quite fun.

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