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Teen Web Language

For some obscure reason, I came across a page on a NBC page that listed the common teen slang on the internet.
It really intrigued me, as I was never into the !33+ talk and rarely typed that way when using IMs. My friends did though. It really annoyed me actually, as I thought it was easier to just type the entire sentence/word. I was a fast typer. 


That is the site there, and it lists all these really obscure abbreviations that I have never even heard of.
AWGTHTGTTA – Are we going to have to go through this again”  Who types that? Ever? I had trouble copying it from the site.
B4UKI – Before you know it” Who says that either?
NALOPKT – not a lot of people know that” That’s just obscure.
I still use simple terms like “BRB” or “IMO (in my opinion)” but all that stuff is really quite ridiculous. Oddly though, it was just so ridiculous that I had an idea to practice some typography techniques or some sort of graphic, with all these weird abbreviations. 
A sarcastic poster or something making fun of this teen language.
Phew I passed through the teen age unharmed and mentally stable. 

I’ll keep you posted on whether I actually do it.


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