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The Letter Playground

Take a look here:


It’s a place where people submit their own design for a letter/s. It’s all really creative and interesting!

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Shady URL + Weston2

Have a look at this site.


It turned that Link above to:


Seriously – Try clicking either link – It will bring you to the same place.

Just childishly amusing, and to get people to feel a bit weird about clicking the Link.

Go see where this link takes you



Couple Pics from Weston that I finally got around to editing.


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Very interesting links


It searches wikipedia, google, google images, youtube, twitter, amazon, sounds, blogs and more. – Super cool. Brought to you by D&AD. You can pull the windows around for the search results you’d most likely look at. ie. if you never look at amazon, you can just pull the window down to the bottom and never look at it again. However, it is there if you ever need it again, its at the bottom.

This is also one of the more amazing ads by Leo Burnett for McDonalds I have seen.

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