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Gates on Coronation Road.

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Baby Spider Infestation

Last night our living room was host to a massive baby spider infestation. It originated from some bricks in an Ikea bag on the floor. You will see in the pictures the web they made in 2-4 hrs, it spanned from the ikea bag on the floor, to the dining table above it; which is about waist height.

It was horrifying and disgusting. They’re all dead now.

I don’t mind most spiders, just the sheer number of them (estimate: close to 200) and the fact that they are tiny and if they got on you, you would never know or see them.

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Shot through glass and film

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More pigeon and some Ribbons

These are 2 responses to other photographs and posters from some of my fellow students; our responses have to follow “what happened before this”

This first one is a response to a photograph of lots of ribbon hanging from the ceiling.

And this is my response to an illustration of a pigeon airborne. I couldn’t resist doing another pigeon related piece and a bit of digital painting practice.

Edit 17/03 – Fixed pigeon’s feet.

I have been creating little fabric/decoration hair ornaments lately (due to lack of me owning any) and might post some pictures.

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A little personal project that ties into another university project.

I love pigeons. A lot.

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Busy busy week

Last week was a busy busy week – which included getting sick.

a-la-Thomas Allen. Not sure I like my set of images here – rather flat images.

I also had some physical fun with glass and typography – from my Shipping forecast project.

A lot has happened because I do not remember mentioning the shipping forecast project here yet – which was set 3 weeks ago. Maybe I should post more often. I think I get lazy because I need to resize images 3 times every time I take them. Once for the final print – once for my journal, and another for any web submissions. Lazy me.

Rest of the images are here on my flickr.

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Shady URL + Weston2

Have a look at this site.


It turned that Link above to:


Seriously – Try clicking either link – It will bring you to the same place.

Just childishly amusing, and to get people to feel a bit weird about clicking the Link.

Go see where this link takes you



Couple Pics from Weston that I finally got around to editing.


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Weston Super Mare

Went to weston-super-mare to document certain themes provided to us. Can’t say I find Weston the most amazing place on earth, certainly not the most happening especially out of season. Seems sad that sea side towns need to be in season.

I’ve only edited and bothered to filter out some photos that involve people – which is significantly less than photos of the place itself. I’m having huge trouble trying to organize them all.



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Left Items Narrative

That dog narrative I posted earlier has now turned into a ‘left items narrative’. I documented the items that were intriguing that were left on the street. There were a lot, so I did have to cut it down to 10. After doing so I realised that I almost had a series of items left that correlates with humans growing up. Baby things being left behind as well as adult things.
Here are some of the images. The whole collection on my Flickr.

Had a field trip to Weston-super-mare on Friday, I will post photos when I get around to looking at and processing 325 photos that I took. I’m shutter-greedy. Was a pretty fantastical day though.

Maybe I should be more melancholy on this blog as many people seem to be.

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Dog Narrative

One of our inter-semester break projects was to take 10 photographs depicting some sort of visual narrative. The images should have some sense of connection and sense of time.  I had quite a bit of trouble with this one, deciding on a good simple narrative which isn’t too complicated. Another hurdle is that it has to be photographed in an outside environment. I thought this would be a good practice of Street photography to a point, as it is a serious challenge for me.

These are some of the pictures I’ve managed to find – they have to be in B&W. I still have 3-4 more photos to go.

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