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Gates on Coronation Road.

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Baby Spider Infestation

Last night our living room was host to a massive baby spider infestation. It originated from some bricks in an Ikea bag on the floor. You will see in the pictures the web they made in 2-4 hrs, it spanned from the ikea bag on the floor, to the dining table above it; which is about waist height.

It was horrifying and disgusting. They’re all dead now.

I don’t mind most spiders, just the sheer number of them (estimate: close to 200) and the fact that they are tiny and if they got on you, you would never know or see them.

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Shot through glass and film

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More pigeon and some Ribbons

These are 2 responses to other photographs and posters from some of my fellow students; our responses have to follow “what happened before this”

This first one is a response to a photograph of lots of ribbon hanging from the ceiling.

And this is my response to an illustration of a pigeon airborne. I couldn’t resist doing another pigeon related piece and a bit of digital painting practice.

Edit 17/03 – Fixed pigeon’s feet.

I have been creating little fabric/decoration hair ornaments lately (due to lack of me owning any) and might post some pictures.

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A little personal project that ties into another university project.

I love pigeons. A lot.

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Busy busy week

Last week was a busy busy week – which included getting sick.

a-la-Thomas Allen. Not sure I like my set of images here – rather flat images.

I also had some physical fun with glass and typography – from my Shipping forecast project.

A lot has happened because I do not remember mentioning the shipping forecast project here yet – which was set 3 weeks ago. Maybe I should post more often. I think I get lazy because I need to resize images 3 times every time I take them. Once for the final print – once for my journal, and another for any web submissions. Lazy me.

Rest of the images are here on my flickr.

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Shady URL + Weston2

Have a look at this site.


It turned that Link above to:


Seriously – Try clicking either link – It will bring you to the same place.

Just childishly amusing, and to get people to feel a bit weird about clicking the Link.

Go see where this link takes you



Couple Pics from Weston that I finally got around to editing.


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