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Bunch of Grapes

Maybe I should make a scheduled update every week or something? Adding posts whenever I feel like it seems really unorganized and I’m a bit of an organization freak.

Good new : I just got my grades for my second term of the First year. I got a 2.1 for both modules. It was irritating for me because I was 2 & 4 marks away from a 1st. However, I am very pleased with my grade. My work is being kept back to show some external examiners/people outside of the university because my module file was so well done. See what I mean by I am an organization freak. Nice compliment though. 
We also got given our summer assignments, which consists of research of the current Design industry in a field you are interested in, and writing a positioning letter. Also to create a piece of music which embodies our summer, as well as buying and reading and quoting a book. It sounds very exciting. I’ve already started the industry research. I’m planning to look into the Advertising side of Graphic Design. I’m hugely interested in that side of things. I find it very rewarding, I don’t like working without a goal or a countable reward. I find it difficult to work just for the sake of working or my own pleasure.

Anyways, I’m going to enjoy the summer. Here are a couple photos from a recent gig I went to, a friend was playing. Very nice music!

IMG_8674IMG_8684 IMG_8653IMG_8634IMG_8599


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