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But technicolour Pachyderms are really too much for me.

This little drunken moment in Dumbo used to scared the shoes off me. Though currently the tune is addictive.

This was a response of mine to a fellow student’s picture of him on a train. Guess where these luggages are heading.

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One question

Been quite hectic and mental the last couple days. Feeling down and uninspired. Swamped and all.

Check out the video below. Love the concept. Might try something in print form. Ask people around/people I know… compile it into a book. Would be awesome. If you wanna participate. Put your name and desired location in the comments.

Take care,

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Very interesting links


It searches wikipedia, google, google images, youtube, twitter, amazon, sounds, blogs and more. – Super cool. Brought to you by D&AD. You can pull the windows around for the search results you’d most likely look at. ie. if you never look at amazon, you can just pull the window down to the bottom and never look at it again. However, it is there if you ever need it again, its at the bottom.

This is also one of the more amazing ads by Leo Burnett for McDonalds I have seen.

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It’s been a while

Hi there,

It’s been a long long time since I have posted anything on here. It has been a rough summer and the start of the second year at University has not been soft. I am already backlogged and going slightly mad; but nevermind.

I have finally officially picked my avenue in Graphic Design that I want to take: Advertising. I’m not 100% sure why, but I just know I’ll love it. The competitiveness, the psychological side to it… I find it the essence of Graphic Design. A design that I can measure. I am big on Numbers and Stats. Being able to know that a design did something: raise awareness, raise sales/revenue… etc

While going through many interesting and inspiring firms and their work. I came across these two Videos which are pretty amazing. Not much to do with advertising. But fun and interesting none the less.

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